Marty Breen and the Lennox Waves

Marty Breen is a Brisbane-based singer songwriter who likes to label his music ‘organic Australian folk’“I’m a proud Aussie of Irish descent. I want to sound Australian. I want to sing about things that matter to me and to us as a community, and about issues of the day. I want my songs to have a long shelf-life. So for me it is compelling to sing about things that really matter. My hope is that #ETERNITY is received as inspired by my optimistic outlook on life, and with a bright and positive energy and message” Marty said.

#ETERNITY’s ten tracks are a collection of melodic singer-songwriter ballads mixed in with catchy high-energy light pop-rock, and influences from the classic songwriters of the 1970s-90s. There is a modern Irish feel to the album and artwork, reflecting Marty’s family heritage. His lyrics are serious, thoughtful and powerful, and carefully matched and inspired by his melodies.

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